Articulate Digital Business – Helping businesses transform their online presence

Vandita Agarwal always had a passion for story telling and creativity. Having qualified from college with an undergraduate degree in Delhi, Vandita moved to Dublin to complete her masters. Having worked as a freelancer, Vandita then created Articulate Digital Business. an agency that improves clients’ online space through innovative use of new technology

  1. What was your path to becoming an entrepreneur?

 My Entrepreneurship Journey was started by the boom of my career as a writer in my senior secondary school, where I created the Facebook page formerly named as “Me And My Thoughts’. After getting enormous appreciation both from friends and family and from other Facebook users I decided to expand the online reach of my Facebook page to get more followership and to deliver meaningful messages using appropriate digital tools. 

Being an artist myself I decided to merchandise my writings through textile, books and art across the digital economy. Therefore, I enrolled into pursuing my bachelors in commerce where I developed the through understanding by theoretically studying commerce at University Of Delhi and activity working with Enactus India (Enactus is a global dedicated largest experiential learning platform developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators) to help develop hobbies into a running business in rural areas of New Delhi (County New Delhi, India). To continue pursuing my interest and learn more about digital media marketing, I enrolled in Dublin Business School’s master’s program. While pursuing my degree, 

I worked as a freelance writer and part-time digital consultant for Irish firms, contributing to the creation of a number of web businesses. My understanding of how a business operates thoroughly evolved as I articulated the web-based business and actively investigated how traditional businesses operate online using digital tools which includes marketing, operations and administration.

  1. To someone who is not aware what is Articulate? What’s your USP?

Articulate Digital Business assists business owners in relying on the real potential of their employees and their creativity to help their company expand and change into the digital world. Because only the employees of the business may design its institutional framework. In order to accomplish business objectives, Articulate Digital Business believes that the businesses must be articulated in a digital format.

 USP “Translating your voice and ideas through strategy, creativity and digital innovation.”

  1. What marketing or events have you planned?

On September 23, 2022, Articulate Digital Business will present its inaugural event, “The Future Is Visual.” The event makes use of AI and VR to help business owners and entrepreneurs anticipate the future of their company’s digital growth. The event features three keynote speakers namely Vandita Agarwal, Shubham Joshi and Bilal Awan with custom curated workshops.

I’ve previously planned conferences like “Money & Mindset” and “Business Development Education,” as well as created unique courses for the audience.

  1. What networking or marketing have you done in the past that has proven successful?

 I have always been very involved in networking and have attended numerous networking events as a guest, host, and presenter to meet other like-minded people. I had participated actively in Enactus India, where I had the chance to hone my networking abilities. Since I arrived in Ireland in 2017, I have registered for a number of networking events across a range of industries, including success resources, abundance mentality, personal development, and digital agencies, where I was encouraged to network and establish new business relationships. I truly believe that “Networking is your net worth”. 

  1. What were some of the hardest things about obtaining clients at the start?

 As a relatively new resident of the city without any established contacts, moving to Ireland was one of the largest life-changing decisions for me. I have always felt comfortable introducing myself and discussing my job, and I have been highly involved with a variety of activities and networking on both a personal and professional basis. The conversion rate I experienced when I first began out as a business development professional was 1 in 20. Since building trust takes time at first, you must take the time to understand the real business difficulties in order to serve your consumers. 

  1. What advice would you give someone who is setting up a new business in Ireland?

An entrepreneur needs to be strong to succeed. Any statement along the lines of “that’s not possible” or “that can’t be done” needs to be viewed as an invitation to demonstrate the contrary. I urge anyone who wants to launch their own business to have faith in themselves and develop self-control because, as an entrepreneur, you are the captain and navigator of your own ship. 

  1. You launched Articulate during the pandemic, how did this shape the future of the business?

 The necessity for digital transformation and the gap in the market were both recognised when Articulate Digital Business was founded. I believe the idea of “Articulate Digital Business” originated from observing innovative, high-potential companies in the sector using conventional ways of management. Business articulation is essential for growth and evolution, which ensures any company’s success.

  1. What networks or accelerator programmes have you tapped into either before or after you launched?

To mention a few success resources, Train The Trainer, Entrepreneur Academy, and Dublin Tech Summit, I have actively participated in online networking events to broaden my network and get insightful information. Also, I am highly engaged with the Local Enterprise office and Enterprise Ireland to help businesses across emerald Isle. 

  1. Who are some of your clients we should look out for?

The Portfolio of my clients includes SMEs in Irish Industry to name a few Bellaza Beauty Clinic, Baked Bouquets, Dramatherapy Ireland, Medixclinic, D8Indian, Truck Help where I have used the customised Artificial Intelligence to optimise and create a automated customer user flow for businesses to focus on their core speciality.

  1. Outside of your clients, what are some of your favourite companies in Ireland?

I really admire Jackie Leonard & Sons, Chakra By Jaipur Groups, Sculpted by Aimee Connolly, and many others in their native backgrounds.